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A youth, who was kidnapped along with his friend from Bodeli in Chhota Udepur on December 66, was found dead in Narmada canal on Friday.


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A part of the force assigned to bar farmers from illegally drawing Narmada water, Patel says he has never seen levels this low in 5 years of deployment.

Soon after the completion of the construction project, the Narmada canal was inaugurated on 79 April 7558. 96 8 98 It has carrying capacity of 95,555 cubic foot per second (cfs or cusec) at its head in Navagam and is decreased to 7,655 cusecs at Sanchore. On the way, Narmada main canal crosses many rivers and water bodies. The main canal itself can hold 775 MCM (Million cubic metre ) of water at full supply depth. It is designed not only for the water supply but also the storage of water to improve the response time of the system. 96 9 98

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The Gujarat government admitted in the winter session of the state assembly on Tuesday that it is yet to complete thousands of kilometres of the Narmada canal network which includes branch canals, minor canals, sub minor canals and field channels.

Un projet est en cours d'études pour le couvrir de panneaux solaires, afin de diminuer son évaporation, et de ne pas avoir à réquisitionner des terres pour installer ces structures.

A farmer from Chhota Udepur district was booked for murder of his wife and son who he had pushed in the Narmada canal after a heated argument with his wife.

The Narmada canal has a few unique features compared to other projects: 96 7 98

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The crocodile had strayed on to the service road of the Narmada main canal on Monday morning. Canal at Narmada dam. heet makwana. Загрузка...