«Pepito manaloto 1. episode» . «Pepito manaloto 1. episode».

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Bwisit si Robert kotse pa ni pepito nilabas nya sya ba may ari ng bahay

Pepito Manaloto: Pitoy’s surprise gift | Episode 375 - YouTube

GMA Home Video released the series on DVD in volumes. 96 75 98


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    sino nanonood ngayon ng quarantine??

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    ang sa ma nila Robert at baby and Maria

    A live situational comedy show that revolves around a family that wins a natural lottery. It is about how the family handles the changes after winning a huge amount of money.

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    Teams compete to navigate rooms flooded with lava by leaping from chairs, hanging from curtains and swinging from chandeliers.

    Mane and bitoy perfect chemistry as a parent and love team.

    The show follows the life of Pepito Manoloto, who was blessed and won the lottery. The show also features his wife Elsa their son and daughter, Chito and Clarissa Pepito's best friend Patrick their employees, Maria, Robert and Baby and their neighbors, Tommy, Deedee and Mimi. 96 6 98

    Sino pa ang nanonood nito nga yong quarantine


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    Pepito Manaloto: Away mag-asawa. GMA Network. Загрузка... Pepito Manaloto: Ano ang ginawa ni Pepito para magmukhang bata?